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Artist name: YVONNE MAY 
Song title: OUR GOD 
Recorded live at the world of Yamaha Johannesburg south Africa on the 17th Dec 2016....
Release Date: 25th April 2018

This is a testimony of God's goodness and the journey he has brought me on.
19th October 2012, Olumide Oduwole, my husband went to be with the Lord and that was a major turning point in my life. It felt like darkness came over me and our son was just 2years old at thay time.
My journey to healing started
My journey to clarity started
The vision and the calling of God became real and tangible.
Our God, is a summary of what God has done for me in the last 6years and where he has brought me to. So it is my testimony and the testimony of many others out there who can relate to my journey.
The full album will be released in June. Look out for it. It is inspired by Isaiah 58:12
It will minister to you, it will bring you to realize God's love in a new way, it will bring healing to you

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