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One single ingredient to lose weight, brighten your skin, and more! - By Sexy Lean Home Fitness

This ever-popular, economical item is one you've most likely heard of through the media, magazines, and neighbours. The infamous, Apple cider vinegar (ACV)

ACV is used for countless remedies internally, topically, and even as natural cleaning solutions. In addition, it provides a natural energy boost, so you can stop buying those chemically-laden, artificial energy drinks.

When drank daily, ACV can provide a host of health benefits! Although, ACV is noted to have a stronger taste, so you may want to introduce it to your diet gradually. Begin by adding 1 teaspoon of ACV to a cup of water and drink this daily. You can increase the amount of ACV over a number of days so you build up to 2 tbsp. in a glass of water, 1-3 times per day. You can also sweeten this drink by adding a little honey and warming the water, as like tea.

Burn Fat Faster!

With all of the wonderful benefits it offers; let's first begin with how it can help us lose those pesky pounds.

1. Appetite Suppressant

Research has proven that participants who ate bread with ACV felt significantly fuller than those who ate only bread. Ensure to drink the ACV with water solution about an hour before your meal(s) to help kick-start your metabolism and help you feel fuller sooner!

2. Controls Blood Sugar Levels

ACV helps control glucose highs and lows – those times when you're looking for another snack – and as your blood sugar levels stabilize, it can be easier to maintain a healthier diet regime.

3. Stops Fat Buildup!

ACV helps your body burn fat quicker as it speeds up your metabolism due to the organic acids and enzymes it contains. By offering a spike to your metabolism, your body switches gears to burn excess body fat more efficiently; therefore it doesn't need to store fat anymore.

4. Detoxifier

Our bodies easily become toxic from the food and drink we consume, to the air we breathe, to the water we bathe in. Detoxifying is vital for your body to run efficiently. ACV's high amounts of fiber helps flush out toxins, improves the digestion system, and allows the body to absorb nutrients from food properly.

And the List Goes On…

Simply diluting ACV with a little water and using a cotton ball to topically apply the solution to your skin will help it become brighter, smoother, and more radiant! This wonderful liquid also helps regulate the pH level in your skin due to the high potassium levels, renews dead cells with its abundance of beta-carotene, and boosts your immune system as it's also packed full with vitamins and minerals.

ACV can help with countless other health ailments, such as:

Prevents diabetes
Reduces risk of cancer
Lowers risk of heart disease
Reduces cholesterol
Eases digestion
Reduces acid reflux symptoms
Helps with kidney stones
Reduces inflammation
Halts free radical damage
Eliminates eczema
Lightens age spots
Evens and brightens skin complexion
Combats dry, itchy skin
Eliminates acne
Smooths fine wrinkles
Stops hiccups
Clears sinuses
Soothes sore throat
Soothes sunburned skin
Removes warts
Eliminates dandruff
Acts as a deodorant
Fades bruises
Whitens teeth
Eliminates bad breath
Stops smelly feet
And so much more…
And in and around the home…

Non-toxic cleaner (mix equal parts ACV with water)
Weed killer (mix ½ gallon ACV, ¼ cup salt, and ½ tsp. dish soap)
Neutralizes odors (place some ACV in a dish and leave near offensive odor)
So, as you can easily see, ACV is highly beneficial to add to your daily diet in order to reap such huge benefits for such little cost!

*Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.

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