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Living A Life Of Health, Wealth And Purpose – Live Life King Size - By Garth Vickers

We all know that success plays a very important role in our life. To be precise, success follows quest for more milestones, accomplishments and achievements. We all fall prey to such success that will lead to wealth. However, that doesn't mean in order to achieve it we must forget our health and purpose of living. Believe it or not but the fact says that being greedy leads to dangerous situations in life. Life becomes complicated and challenging just to grow big as a wealthy person but as a healthy person.

With time, I have realized that there is no life without being a good human being. Life is not life when we run behind our dreams and goals in order to reach success. Instead our life becomes boring mundane and full of tension leading to nothing but failures. Yes, you might say that you have been achieving success by running behind your goals. But, my question is how long you can attain this success – will it be for your lifetime? And to you what success is all about? Try answering these questions to yourself and see where life leads to.

No, please do not get me wrong. We all look to become a successful person. Yes, becoming a rich person perhaps a millionaire is sometimes a valid desire in everyone. However, if you ask me, I will say there can be no success than building a top-notch life with ultimate meaning and significance. Dreaming of a successful life is always inspiring but determining and choosing the right quality of successful life is very important. We should try and live an exceptional yet normal life where there will be no regrets.

To me, building a world-class life should first focus at the purpose of our life. It is our mind that should decide the quality of life. Inner world is all about our quality of thinking, peace of mind and the quality of living authentically. Always think are you doing things or living your values based on fear? It is your inner world that decides how well you are connected to your core. No wonder this will help you judge your needs and desires. We all try to be healthier in every way – either by eating healthy or exercising well or involving us into other healthy habits. In fact our lifestyle should be well balanced between health, wealth and purpose. We should remember that every single day and every single moment is very precious in our life. So Let Us Act Accordingly.

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