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Starring at the blank page before me , with options of what and how to put the thoughts in my heart down for all to see,read and share in my experience. The morning is here again. We are at it one more time,doing our routines.

Flash back to the time spent in police custody, for a situation that needed no police intervention. Then again, it only shows that, the other party was afraid of the unknown. Hence, taking it to the law was the reasonable thing to do at that time ,even if it means falsifying the story,just to get the attention of the police.The plan worked and the police became involved. I was arrested and  held for days that ran into weeks and then for months without being charged of any crime or taken to a court to appear before a judge.

My family did not know my where-about.The journey of trying to make something meaningful out of my life ,had separated me from them.I was on my own. I had lost my job,moved-in with a relative,because I couldn’t afford rent.Things naturally moved from bad to worse,since there was no stable source of income. In a bid to help one make a living , a friend offered to be supplying me petroleum products to sell without any initial deposit of any form, no guarantors,no collateral.Just on the basis of friendship ,trust and faith in me.

Oh! was I glad, that a life-line had come along for me,even without any prior experience in that aspect of business.My heart overflow with joy, for the opening to a better life that had come. With all the necessary arrangements made,the first supply was delivered and received by me at the designated point


...To Be Continued

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