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Don't Know

Sitting in the study thinking through a lot things, asking questions and all making projections of what could be better than what is available now.

A look at  my age, and all the things that has happened to this point. I am really gratefully for the gift of being alive, because a dead being cannot think and make plans for the future or even reflect on what has been. How easy it is for one to forget and appreciate the beautiful things around us.

I sometimes wish I have a child of mine after years of marriage. Seeing other couples and family walking with theirs kids gives you thoughts and the questions of what could be wrong and what has not been done. Because truly, children add spice to living even with all the challenges that goes with whole process of raising them.
It also, shows that making love is not the only criteria for getting pregnant, there is something supernatural that humans cannot understand.

If humans knew everything, then there would be no need for research ,soul searching and spiritual journeys into the unknown to seek for answers. I am of the opinion that the supernatural controls the physical. I am not a spiritual leader.

I do not posses the skill to know what holds at the other side , but there is a greater force. This Friday night, I am going to take time to appreciate myself more and the beautiful things around me that life has blessed me with, because in the end, we only have one life to live with a limited time for it.


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